Introducing the Technique of the Month!           

Briora is excited to introduce a new tool to help you improve your dancing – the technique of the month.  Each month, our teachers will emphasize a particular area of dance technique in our group classes, so each class you take reinforces your learning of key principles in ballroom dancing!

In November, we will be learning about the “3 P’s” – posture, poise, and position. Please continue reading below about the first and most important “P” – Posture. 


There is one secret that all great dancers know; namely, the importance of posture.  It is only when you achieve your ideal posture that you will be able to reach your full individual potential in dancing.

Good posture is not merely aesthetic, it allows the dancer control of balance and freedom of movement in all the joints.  And yes, it also looks great and portrays an aura of confidence on the dance floor and in life!  Improving posture also has an array of health benefits.  It reduces back and neck pain, helps you breathe easier, and helps you maintain a healthy weight (you burn an extra 350 calories a day just by standing up straight!).  It has even been shown to improve your mood and productivity, as well as memory and brain function!

The human spine has a natural “S” shaped curve.  Perfect posture is created not by flattening these natural curves, but by elongating the spine to the maximum degree while maintaining its natural curves.  The majority of people spend a great deal of time sitting, which can result in a slight “slump” (excessive curvature) in the upper spine.  In addition, gravity is constantly exerting its force on us, so posture tends to worsen with age.  You may also find that your posture is slightly different every day, as it is dependent on seemingly small factors such as how you slept the night before, and what your physical activities were during the previous day.  For this reason, even professional dancers must constantly work on their posture in order to maintain optimum alignment of the spine.  (Ever seen Slava hugging the wall or walking around with a broomstick tied to his back?  Rest assured, he is not crazy, he is just working on his posture!)

The good news is that with a little knowledge and effort, you can experience both the health and dance benefits of great posture!  Our Briora instructors have a few tricks up their sleeves to help you achieve your optimum posture.  Be sure to attend your favorite group class this month, or ask you instructor for tips at your next lesson.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on the second “P” – Poise – which is sure to lend you a “graceful and elegant bearing” on the dance floor!

A special thanks to Briora guest coaches Ray Rivers and Charlotte Jorgensen for inspiring this post by teaching us to always strive for better posture!


The ideal alignment of the spine lengthens its natural curves.


Good posture allows freedom of movement and self-expression, every dancer’s ultimate goal!