Slava and I are excited to share BrioraTM Ballroom Dance Studio’s new logo! A modern take on a classic motif, two dancers’ bodies form the shape of the Briora “B”. The design was hand drawn and is completely unique. The graceful script that follows was handwritten with a feather. The logo was designed by Slava’s cousin, Aleksandrina Stefanova, a talented Bulgarian artist and designer. I fell in love with the design at first sight – for me, the logo has a pizzazz that perfectly captures the Briora brand: fun, unique & elegant. We hope you will love it too! Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the opening of Briora Ballroom Dance Studio!

Briora Ballroom Dance Studio’s Logo

Artist & Designer Aleksandrina Stefanova sketched the Briora “B” by hand.

For more images of the design process see Aleksandrina’s gallery at